We offer a variety of services to boost your business

AXIADATA is a company engaged in Information Technology. We provide sales services for software, hardware, web development services, servers, cloud services, android and IOS based application development services, as well as digital marketing & branding services.

Starting from April , 2012 Axiadata, CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap/ Limited Partnership Company), then in April 2015 Axiadata officially became Axia Data Indonesia, PT.

In 2016 Axia Data Indonesia, PT has officially become a partner of Microsoft with ID number: 6502836.

Axiadata always provides the best service and solutions to meet the needs of Axiadata's customers and potential customers.

Axiadata will be the best IT partner for your company.

Our Core Value










Become a company that provides solutions to our clients, both personal and corporate who need services around information technology & digital marketing.

To become an Information Technology Company that has a wide reach not only in Indonesia but throughout the world.

Together with our partners, we become a company that can participate in building the community through trainings about information technology and digital marketing.


Provide optimal solutions to clients in overcoming various problems in the world of information technology

Contribute both in the field of information and communication technology research as well as community service.